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Hamster Cages Can be Fun for the Whole Family

Deciding to buy your children a hamster or two for pets can be a fun and rewarding experience for the whole family as you get to watch your pets run around and play in their hamster cage.

The problem is that there are so many different styles of hamster cages which one should you choose? There are metal; wire cages, glass aquarium style cages, novelty cages and expandable cages to house your new addition to the family.

Before you go off looking at hamster cages and just grab the first one that you come across, perhaps a little information about each of the various styles will make the choice a little easier for you.

The most common type of hamster cage is the old fashioned wire cage. Typically these come with a removable plastic bottom that makes them easy to keep clean. Wire cages also make it easy to attach things like water bottles and feeding dishes. Not to mention the fact that your hamsters will love climbing the cage and having fun.

Two of the most popular hamster cages today are the novelty ones and the expandable ones especially if the hamsters in question belong to children. Many of the novelty cages are designed to follow a theme such as a rocket ship shaped one for the boy who dreams of going out in space and exploring or the Barbie Dollhouse for the little girl. However the expandable ones are the ones that seem to get the most attention and create the most fun for both the hamsters and the owner.

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Super Pet Critter Trail Extreme Challenge Habitat - The Best Happy Trail Hamster Cage

Do you have a hamster that you want to provide the best conditions for? You now have the chance to create a very cozy environment for the little rodent with Super Pet Critter Trail Extreme Challenge Habitat. This hamster cage features a spiral slide and wheel that the hamster can have a lot of fun on.

This 16 x 10.5 x 18 inch cage is a safe place to accommodate your hamster and it is also very well ventilated. It also includes a food dish and a bottle for water. Apart from being easy to assemble, this is also a healthy habitat for your hamster, so this is the cage you want your hamster to live in.

Price $22.44


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The Hamster Cage You Are Looking For - Penn-Plax Blue Knight & Pink Princess Hamster & Gerbil Habitat

If you want your hamster to live like in a fairy, you might want to think about The Blue Knight and Pink Princess Hamster and Gerbil Habitat. This is the most natural environment you can provide for your hamster and it contains all the necessary accessories for the proper development and activity of your hamster.

The 15.25 x 8.5 x 25.5 inch habitat contains a wheel, a high tower with three levels, there being a feed area, as well as a classic water bottle on each level. Therefore, your hamster can play freely and live the life of a king in its new habitat.

Price $40.99


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A Cheap Hamster Cage - Super Pet Critter Trail Mini One Habitat

This habitat is suitable for all kinds of rodents, not only for hamsters. It is very practical for it has handles that it can be carried by and you can also extend it by attaching other parts so that the hamster can play and run around in a more comfortable environment.

This is a safe environment for your small rodent and the parts are also made of plastic, thus the hamster living in healthy conditions. As usual, the 8 x 12.5 x 7.5 inch habitat also includes the traditional water bottle and food dish. There is also enough room for the accessories a hamster needs to develop properly.

Price $16.68

Expandable hamster cages can start of as a simple clear plastic box that can be added to at any time. You can add tubes that lead off into separate "rooms" or just create a maze of tunnels for your hamsters to learn to navigate. Sitting back and watching your hamsters zip around the maze that you have created can be a lot of fun and it gives the hamsters some exercise as they get to behave in a way similar to the way they would act in nature.

In some cases people use glass aquariums for cages to help reduce the mess that comes with owning a hamster. This is probably not the best choice when it comes to a hamster cage, the glass can cause the inside of the tank to become too hot for your hamster and be bad for its health. And while you can always put a few toys in there it probably won't be much fun for your new pet.

If you are looking to create a fantastic hamster cage for your new pets the best choice is the expandable version. You can continuously change it and make it unique. The number of tubes and accessories available is almost limitless. The size, shape and scope of the hamster cages you can build are only limited by the space you have to work with and your own imagination. The bigger and wilder you can make it the more fun it will be for you, your family and your new pets.

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